Virtual Radiographer

From the creators of the mobile radiographic positioning guide, Virtual Radiographer, we are pleased to present the world's first Mobile Radiographic Calculator that meausres MA, Time (seconds) and  mAs with the click of one button. This application is perfect for Radiologic Technologist's and Students working in the field that require radiographic calculations. The Radiograpic Calculator application is available on all mobile devices for .99 cents. Below are a list of formulas that are available for calculation in this application.
1. MA x Time (seconds) = mAs
2. mAs ÷ Time (seconds) = MA
3. mAs ÷ MA = Time (seconds)
4. Time(seconds) ÷ mAs = MA
5. MA ÷ mAs = Time (seconds)
6. Time (seconds) x MA = mAs

Please Note: If you purchase the Virtual Radiographer Mobile Positioning Application, you do not need to purchase the calculator. The calculator is a bundled feature included in the above mentioned application. If you have already purchased both items, please email us and we will issue you a .99 cent refund.

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